Destination Flight Scheduled Status  
London Gatwick BA 2589 21:35
Estimated 21:32
Moscow SU 2423 23:50 --
All departures
Origin Flight Scheduled Status  
Vienna OS 527 21:30
Prague AP 753 21:55
Estimated 21:48
Amsterdam KL 1659 22:20
Rome Fiumicino AZ 1473 22:25
Estimated 22:28
Lampedusa V7 1217 22:35
Estimated 22:55
Munich EN 8206 22:35
Estimated 22:14
Paris Charles de Gaulle AF 1326 22:40
Estimated 22:25
Frankfurt LH 332 23:05
All arrivals

Domestic and international destinations from Venice Marco Polo Airport

From Venice "Marco Polo" airport you can reach 113 international destinations

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Passengers with reduced mobility

Assistance at Venice Marco Polo Airport for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).

"il Milione" Club

"il Milione" Club is the fidelity card that enables you to enjoy exclusive benefits and services at Venice Airport. Discover how to become a member.