Check-in and bag drop

Advice on check-in and checking in baggage at Venice Marco Polo Airport

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When to arrive

For domestic departures you should report to the check-in area at least 1 hour before take-off.
For international departures you should report to the check-in area at least 2 hours before take-off.

Where to go

Access to security screening at Venice Marco Polo Airport is located on the first floor. The departure check-in are located on ground floor and first floor.
You can get there by escalator or lift from the area outside the Terminal. 
When you arrive at the Airport, look for your flight's check-in desk number if you do not have a boarding card or need to check in baggage.
he number appears at least 2 hours before departure.
You can find it on:

  • Information screen in car park P1.
  • Information screens at the docks (water bus landing stage).
  • Information screens located along the pedestrian walkways on ground level.
  • Central illuminated screen on the first floor.
  • Information screens inside the terminal building.

mappa check-in venice airport

What to bring

Make sure you bring an identity document valid for international travel. Check in advance that it meets the requirements of the country you are travelling to and find out whether you need an entry visa.

If you have any airline cards (loyalty, frequent flyers, priority), remember to bring them with you to be able to make use of the available services.

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