Vip services

The exclusive services of Venice Marco Polo Airport

If you require a dedicated concierge service, Venice’s Marco Polo Airport provides:

  • Inbound flights – multilingual hostesses, who will escort you through the terminal, provide assistance with passport control, and accompany you to the point for your ongoing journey;
  • Outbound flights - multilingual hostesses who will escort you through the terminal and help you with check-in procedures, through the Priority Lane for security screenings, and escort you to the “Marco Polo” VIP lounge and your departure gate;
  • Outbound flights - private minibus to your awaiting aircraft;
  • Outbound and inbound flights - porter and baggage transport services.

How to request the service

For information and ordering the service, please contact these operators:

Blitz Exclusive Srl 

Tel. +39 041 0986800


Are Group

Tel. +39 06 793523998


Oasi Handling S.r.l.

Tel. +39 041 260 5055



Tel. +39 041 447104 - 041 2698035

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