Checks and security

Security rules, regulations and procedures at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Please observe the rules to ensure the security of all Airport users and to avoid unnecessary delays for yourself and other passengers.

For further information check the ENAC website.

Follow our advice and fly safe

Be ready for security checksBe ready for
security checks

Going through security

    Makes the control of the boarding pass resting it with the bar code facing down on the player of the electronic turnstiles for access control.
  •  Place your hand baggage on the X-ray conveyor after removing your laptop computer or tablet.
  •  Place coats and any personal items (mobile phone, wallet, electronic devices, belt, etc.) in the trays provided.

  •  Walk through the metal detector and cooperate with security personnel if they ask to search you.
  •  Security personnel may ask you to remove items of clothing (e.g. shoes) and manually inspect hand baggage.

If you are carrying any prohibited items or liquids exceeding the permitted quantities, you will have to leave them at the airport. Under no circumstances will check-in desk personnel or security personnel look after these items for you.

Security screening for liquids, aerosols and gels

Remove liquids, aerosols and gels from your hand baggage before arriving at security. Remember that:

  •  Containers larger than 100 ml are not permitted
  •  The containers must be packed in a single transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of maximum dimensions 18 x 23 cm.

The only exceptions are for:

  •  Liquid medicines (with a prescription)
  •  Baby food (when travelling with a baby)
  •  Liquids for special dietary requirements.

Prohibited items and liquids

To check the list of prohibited items and regulations for liquids, go to the page What to bring: regulations.

How to speed up Police border control

If you are 14 years old and an European Union citizen, we recommend that you always travel with your biometric passport.

You can have your documents checked, at the e-Gates, for direct flights, or for flights from countries outside the European Union.

Venice Airport has invested in this new technology to make your queueing time much shorter!
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